Friday, June 11, 2021

BOOK REVIEW: Plants of Power


Plants of Power

“Cultivate your garden apothecary and transform your life”

 Following your passion is hugely rewarding. This was the case with the authors of Plants of Power, Stacey and Miranda when they decided to hang up their corporate suits and high heels when they felt their sense of connection to something bigger was missing.

 “Humans are part of the ecosystem and the faster we reconnect with nature, the fast we will feel better and whole”.

 “Plants of Power is a modern guide to the most important plants to include in your own garden apothecary”. Stacey and Miranda say they wrote this book to encourage us to bring the outside in. They offer a guide that is both practical and demonstrates reciprocity, in which you can discover old wisdom, new applications and accurate growing advice.

 Miranda and Stacey say we should be connecting with the earth, getting our hands in the soil and get to planting for our own health and wellbeing.

You don’t have to be a gardener to find this book useful. Each plant listing has a “how we love to use this plant”.

 With a listing of 66 plant profiles with each covering the seasons they should be grown in Spring, summer, autumn and winter ensuring. Growing seasonally increases your chance of success for propagating and cultivating.

 Each plant listed has the Scientific name as well as common names the plant is known buy and its superpower. There is plenty of detailed information about the plants including harvest and cultivations notes. There are also suggestions about how the plants can be used in a recipe, magical working or guide.

About the Authors:

Stacey Demarco is a bestselling author who specialises in pagan, nature and mythos-based subjects. She is internationally respected, with her works translated into many different languages. She is the author of the popular annual Lunar and Seasonal Diary for both the northern and southern hemispheres and is known widely as ‘the Modern Witch’.

Stacey has an eclectic collection of plant friends and seed-saves and lives in Sydney’s Northern Beaches in a small house with a big garden with her husband, animal companions and about 10,000 bees. Her favourite plant is chickweed because being clumsy she often finds and anti-inflammatory very handy.

Miranda Mueller is a permaculturist who lives with her husband and two children, chickens and other animals in the Dandenong Ranges. She runs a successful herb and vegetable seedling nursery encompassing a gardening business and teaches permaculture from the home farm. Miranda regularly opens the farm gates to encourage others to reconnect with the art of growing food, for people’s health as well as for the earth’s wellbeing. Her favourite plant is the dandelion, a plant that has been labelled a weed, yet delivers so much wisdom and nutrition whilst growing in the cracks of concrete.


RRP $39.99

352 pp

ISBN: 9781925924350

Publisher: Rockpool Publishing


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